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    It all kicks off tomorrow night–officially! The greatest High School sport ever!

    Looking forward to seeing and chatting with some of my brethren again.

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    Good luck to the Rams and hope to see you before KZoo or Ford Field this year !!

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    Thanks Holtfan. I think the main storyline I’ll be following this season is whether WWT can topple Lowell in D2 team championships.

    And, just to make you all jealous, my wonderful wife sprang for a Flo Pro subscription for this guy last night for an early xmess gift! I told her she’ll probably never get to talk to me again since I’ll be spending every free moment there (likely why she did it ;p), but I still adore her! She wanted to double down with a Trackwrestling Gold account but I told her I’d cover that. So, totally geeked for this season! Lucky me.

    Good luck to the Rams and Wildcats this season!

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      I sprung for Grappler Gold, just as a thanks to Tony for all the years of free stuff.

      But I probably won’t do it beyond this season. Other than ranking info so I know which kids to watch, there really isn’t that much of substance, IMO.

      Also–will you be doing the BAP this season? I got a doosey all lined up!!!

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        On this site we post those to the Previews/Predictions forum. I just started a thread for that, so go post your BAP, of which I am now curious.

        The more I looked at this coming season the more it looked like so many previous…all the same teams are powerhouses, the rich get richer, etc., so I saw very little room for a BAP that might actually happen in Michigan High School Wresting. So mine is a D1 college prediction. http://www.thewrestleoff.com/forums/topic/baps-2018/

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    Thanks Prof and have fun with the subscriptions !!
    Don’t forget your Grappler Subscription !!

    I’m putting WAY too much time and money into this goofy sport to never even have a kid on the mat !!

    That WWT team looks awesome and the Wildcats get to see them, along with Brighton and Richmond at the WWT Duals this Saturday !!

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