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    Does anyone know who is attending this year? I know it’s the first weekend and should be one of the better opening weekend events.

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    I noticed the Wildcats have it on their schedule again, but it does not show other participants. I like this tourney, it’s ran well and usually some very good matches !

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      I heard it was your Cats, Richmond, WLC, Brighton, Goodrich and maybe Eaton Rapids along with a couple others. I was hoping for some confirmation. If that’s the teams there should be some pretty good matches.
      Oxfordad, nothing like jumping in head first and working on some team states seeding criteria on the first weekend if that’s the teams.

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    Sure thing – Just got this from their AD today :

    Participant Brighton High School
    Participant Eaton Rapids High School
    Participant Goodrich High School
    Participant Oxford High School
    Participant Richmond High School
    Participant Walled Lake Central High School
    Host Warren Woods Tower

    Assuming they’ll find an eighth team somewhere along the line.
    That’s a pretty good “tune-up” tourney…..

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      Good luck to your Cats! Hopefully you guys get a chance to go head to head against both WLC and the Dogs. It would help shed some light on D1 right away.

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    Thanks a bunch and we’ll see….
    We face John Glenn in the opener, the WWT Duals, the Oakland County tourney, the CC Invite, the Hudson Tourney, I am assuming the Oakland / Macomb Duals and a dual with CC to close the season !
    I am too old and fat for a tough season like this.
    I cannot imagine how the REAL Oxfordad’s handle it !!
    SURE – #IronSharpensIron , but this is ridiculous !!

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    Appears as Brighton and Eaton Rapids were the statement teams of the weekend there at WWT. Did you make it out?

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    Hey tech – I was there and it was not a fun day !
    Got to meet a coupla nice folks and it’s always a very well-run event with great ‘Corn, so there’s that !!
    You are correct – Those two teams are SOLID in all 14 weights and should have a GREAT run up to KZoo !!
    It was a LOOOOOONG day and the blood-time during the Brighton v Oxford match made it possibly the longest dual in recorded history !!
    On the bright side, we can look forward to the Oakland County Tourney this weekend, so there’s not a lotta time to fret.
    Just toe-the-line and get back to work.

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    It’s still early with plenty of time for your cats to get where they want to be. Make it to Kzoo and anything is possible!
    D1 is still a one horse race with two and three trailing then the next group. Should be interesting to see things play out between Hartland, WJG and Brighton though.
    D2 I think is still Lowells to loose. I think the next few spots could be a toss up and could make for a entertaining team states.

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