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    Just took a look at the Grappler Rankings and there will be 88 Ranked guys in Novi this weekend for the CC Invite !!

    That’s a pretty tough Saturday !!

    Since they don’t offer “double entry” in their brackets, I just guessed where guys will go, as a few teams have multiple-ranked guys at specific weights.
    Based on my highly scientific prognostications, it looks like 112, 140, 152 and 160 will be great brackets from the beginning.
    Much like the State Tourney, the semis may have some of the best matches !!

    See y’all there and #GOCATS !!

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    oxfordad, you are absolutely right about the above mentioned weights. one that I think you may have missed was 119. Kamali, Tubircio, Teague who just had a good day at TOC, Meekins or Borthwell, Scholl, Wilson from Davision if he is down, Zelenka and Drake Campbell from Indiana is Tough. Throw in a couple kids like Lear from Grand Ledge and Kehres from Brighton if lear is down at 119 and Kehres is back. It could be insane from round one. All weights will have some fireworks for sure. Love these Saturday’s as a fan of the sport but hate them as a parent! lol

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    Yeah – I don’t know how you parents do it !!?!??
    I woulda been dead loooong ago !!
    Glad I just had girls !
    Good luck !!

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    103 has 1 2 5 and 8 d2 5
    112 has 1 2 4 5 6 8 d2 2 10
    119 has 1 4 5 8 9 d2 4 5
    125 has 1 4 6 8. D2 2 8
    130 has 1 2 4 5 6 8 9. D2 3
    135 has 2 4 6.
    140 has 1 4 5 6. D2 1 9 10
    145 has 1 2 4 6 7 8
    152 has 1 5 9. D2 3 4 6
    160 has 2 3 6 7 8 9. D2 4 6
    171 has 1 3 5 6 7. D2 6 7
    189 has 7 8 10. D2 3 5
    21t has 1 4 7
    Hwt has 2 3 5. D2 9

    So that’s everybody not including Hudson and Brownsburg In, which both have several ranked wrestlers

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      Brownsburg’s 152 (Brayton Lee) is currently ranked #1 nationally (by Flo) and committed to Minnesota.–1-brayton-lee-signs-with-minnesota

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      According to the Indiana state rankings for their wrestlers are:

      106 lbs – 5. Kyson Montgomery | Brownsburg | Freshman
      113 lbs –
      120 lbs – 6. Drake Campbell | Brownsburg | Sophomore
      126 lbs – 7. Ty Mills | Brownsburg | Senior
      132 lbs – 6. Drew Kreitzer | Brownsburg | Junior
      138 lbs – 1. Blake Mulkey | Brownsburg | Senior
      145 lbs – 15. Peyton Asbury | Brownsburg | Sophomore
      152 lbs – 1. Brayton Lee | Brownsburg | Senior
      160 lbs –
      170 lbs –
      182 lbs – 1. Nathan Walton | Brownsburg | Senior
      195 lbs –
      220 lbs – 12. Lawson Aiken | Brownsburg | Junior
      285 lbs – 4. Reilly Peterson | Brownsburg | Senior

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    Don’t think Scholl from Hudson is wrestling anymore

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    Wow – That was a pretty great Saturday !
    Seemed like every mat had a pretty good match at any given time.
    Those Semis were some of the best wrestling of the season, for sure !

    Good to see some Forum Friends, as always !

    Did anybody stick around to hear who won the Outstanding Wrestler Award ?!?
    News articles never seem to go that deep into an event for some reason and there’s nothing on Track….

    Great event, as always and now onto the rest of the season !
    Good luck, all and #GOCATS !!

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      Oxfordad real question, what happened in the Borg Schaefer match? Was it close then a pin? I would have liked to seen that one.

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        I missed the match and did not see the Fall, so I can’t tell you, sry.

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    Oxfordad, the tournament mvp were Kamali and Lee (152 Brownsburg)

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      Thanks karp !!
      Sorry for the delayed Thanks….been on my death bed with the flu since Sunday.
      Hope none of you gets it, it’s a doosey !!

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    I love seeing the MI boys do well against out of state competition but it sure looked like Davenport got taken down at the end of the third.

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      Video is on grappler. You can see the kids foot go out. Great call by the ref! Can’t believe he caught that in real time!

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        To me, it looked like Mulkey’s right foot was in bounds. It looked like a similar position in OT when Davenport was awarded the TD before the fall.

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          Best I could do was a link to the picture showing he’s out. Can’t figure out how to post a picture.

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            I appreciate the link. Maybe I just don’t quite understand the rule change this year with being able to score out of bounds. Do both feet still have to be in?

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            If Mulkey didn’t earn the 2 prior to regulation ending, Davenport had his left foot out in OT prior to earning the 2. I thought I understood the new interpretation of the rule but I just like consistency. At this point in the video, KD had his left foot out and the ref clearly had not called the 2…

            Believe me, I like KD’s style and always root for the MI kids….I just don’t want to see any kind of discrepancies in the post season because refs aren’t clear on the rules or their interpretations of those rules.

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    to explain the out of bounds rules

    For takedowns and such it is different than it is for back point situations

    for takedowns, both toes need to be in to award a takedown, award the TD then stop the match

    for back points, if the defensive man is in criteria even out of bounds, the top man needs just ONE knee down on the mat in bounds for wrestling to continue.

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      I appreciate the info, General. After reading the rule changes for this year, that’s what I figured. Based on that, Mulkey, clearly did not get the take down at the end of regulation. I still think the ref blew the final call in that match as he did not award the two prior to KD stepping out of bounds and Mulkey’s back was not exposed in any way prior to them going out.

      I love the fact that we are getting closer to college scoring and I think it would be great to have the same scoring criteria on the edge of the mat. Thanks again and, hopefully, the officials all have a clear understanding of this come February.

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