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    Anybody have insight into the breakdown of this match? Looks like this will be the most interesting regional in all the classes.

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    I was doing a little due-diligence yesterday.
    I’d love to spout a bunch of thoughts and provide Clarkston with some great “bulletin board material”, but you all know I am WAY smarter than that !!
    Couple that with the fact that I don’t actually KNOW anything !! 😉

    The Cats beat the Wolves earlier in the season 45-12 and they outscored them in the OAA Tourney, but these are NOT the same two teams that toed the line in January, by ANY stretch !!
    Clarkston is peaking and Joe Wood is a FORMIDABLE Coach at the end of a season, so I will be holding my breath until about 8pm Wednesday night.

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    This IS the most interesting of all the regional matchups. Clarkston has looked really strong lately with recent wins over WWT and Lake Orion and a good OAA showing. The team seems to like their new coach. But without their 130lb. state placer from last year, who inexplicably did not go out for the team this year, I don’t see them getting over the hump over Oxford, but they should make it interesting in their building. See y’all there.

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    Congrats to your CATS! fingers crossed but thinking they may be able to pull the 6 seed. After seeing results form Hartland vs WLC it is a good possibility I would think.
    Good Luck at Wings!

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      Thanks a bunch !!
      We’ll know Sunday, I guess !!
      I would love to be a fly on the wall for that conference call !!
      It just shows to go ya how important those opening Duals in the young season are !!

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        Not that I have a clue on how the seeding meeting will go but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up with Oxford a 6.
        1 DCC
        2 Brighton
        3 Dakota
        4 WJG
        5 Davison
        6 Oxford
        7 Hartland
        8 Hudsonville
        I am not sure even if Hartland gets above Hudsonville. I would not be shocked if Hudsonville gets the 7 and Hartland the 8. I totally agree with your fly on the wall comment. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of Hartland, Hudsonville and Oxford. One could definitely argue strength of schedule of Hudsonville over Hartland. Without a doubt Oxford had the toughest schedule of the 3.

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          Well, the Top 4 Seeds are all FORMIDABLE, and ya gotta beat ’em all to win it all !!

          I remember a few years back the Cats took on a 3 seed and were victorious.
          Ya gotta just Toe-the-Line with your best 14 and hope the Refs are paid well !!
          **Oops, did I say that out loud ?!?!? ;-)***

          I get a free weekend to play Blackjack and smoke some cigars and watch the greatest sport known to Michigan.
          Winning and losing are just a by-product !!

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    Techfall, agree with your opinion. I can see Hartland dropping to the 8th seed and maybe they should drop to 8. They wrestled 2 state qualifying teams, that’s pretty awful. If you want a decent seed you should try wrestling some dual meets against some good Michigan schools!

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