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    I don’t know how Michigangrappler can consider asking people to pay for a service that is primarily an opinion based ranking system which means absolutely nothing. Everyone posts how this is just for fun, well lol. How can they think people are going to pay for a service from a site that does not complete projects started. For example, most recently it is apparent based on many comments that the HS A to Z project is missing High Schools and they didn’t even look back far enough for older wrestlers for many schools. It’s a joke. If anyone wants to see unbiased rankings go to http://www.rankwrestlers.com. They charge $25 a year for a more precise, accurate and unbiased ranking process. I checked it out after all of this BS and NO I have nothing to do with the ranking site. It actually has some pretty cool statistics and very cool seeding function. In the past I always enjoyed seeing the info on MG but now I really don’t care for the site anymore.

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    I think you may be making too much into the rankings. in case you did not know “ALL RANKINGS ARE BIASED AND JUST A OPINION”. Look at College football, they have all the money and technology behind them and those rankings are still flawed. Grappler is trying to improve the coverage and the content. Rankings are just a small piece of that. Maybe try giving them a month to see exactly what you get for your 80.00 a year. If you are not happy then don’t pay for it. I feel if Grappler is able to offer what they are saying they will offer then approx 80.00 a year will be well worth it.

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    I agree that yes there are rankings that are biased but this other site using statistics from track H2H etc… to try and take the human emotion out of it. As far as Grappler goes, they are half passing everything and now trying to charge for it. I see they are trying to say they have more content but its really all the same that will be incomplete. I tried posting something to ask them questions and instead of answering them they just removed the post. The most recent HS project A to Z has not been completed so what makes anyone think the paid subscription will be any different? Based on the negative comments already I think the will be another fail. Unless, I am incorrect Steve is no longer with them or as it appears and things have gone down hill.

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    VP – I was one of their first customers and will continue to support them.
    I do not see anyone else trying a web site based on Michigan Wrestling with as much content and consistency, and folks that complain can simply delete from your Bookmarks and go live your life.
    Posting your nonsense yesterday and seeing them remove it a dozen times was worth the 79.99, so thanks for that !!

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    i would recommend pulling up the “letter from the editor” piece that Greathouse posted a week or two ago on Grappler. On there had his direct contact info. That may be a better way to reach out and voice your opinion and get questions answered instead of posting where everyone can read what appeared to come across as a derogatory post.

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    I understand the need for income to continue to give coverage for Michigan wrestling. However, there was still no more accuracy in their rankings and feel if you are going to be making more money you should care a bit more if you are going to charge for it. Guys who were beaten at the state tourney by a guy ranked lower than them in the same weight class. Kids who were SQ being ranked lower than kids who did not qualify even kids I know who had some good wins in the summer circuit being overtaken by someone in their opinion is just better.

    If you expect people to pay for your product, the product better get a lot better.

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    They put out more content then anyone else in Michigan and I’ll gladly pay the money if it means they are going to put out even more content. It’s hard to have good rankings in high school when we don’t have a uniform way of tracking results. Just because it’s Michigan Grappler does not mean that every high school coach is sending their results. We want better rankings then we need a better way to track results. But maybe that $80 is going to go to paying people by region to better track the wrestling going on in Michigan. Next year if I feel I didn’t get what I paid for then I will not renew but I’m willing to give them a chance before bashing them.

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