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    I’ve had many people ask if I was announcing this year at the MHSAA Individual Wrestling Finals.
    Unfortunately, I have to pass this year. I’ve had some serious diabetic issues that have kicked me right in the teeth.
    Myopathy/Neuropathy and Atrophy. Stemmed from surgery I had last year for an abscess on my arse. 2 weeks immobile on my back started the atrophy.
    Quad shrinkage from non use has weakened my thighs. Won’t support my knees.
    I don’t want to take a chance of my knees collapsing and falling. So I’m going to focus on therapy and workouts.
    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Wrestling Freak. And it tears me up that I have to pass on this privilege and honor. I’ve missed the entire season. EVERYTHING.
    I’ve talked to Ron Nagy and he has assured me that my position will be help open for me next year. Thank you, Ron. I appreciate it.
    Just thought Id send this out so everyone knows why I’m not there this year.
    Good luck to all my Monroe County Wrestlers.
    Especially the behemoth I sponsored this year… Austin Emerson from Bedford!
    CYU at EMU next year.



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    Al and Brent… hold down the fort my announcing bruthas… I’ll be back!!!

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    You and your voice will be missed. Prayers going up for a continued recovery.

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      Seconded !!

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    You will be missed….like Ernie at the Tiger game we expect to hear from Jeff at The Show!

    Best of luck on a speedy and healthy recovery.

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    Lesson learned…
    As time progresses. You have to stay active…its a must.
    That goes for younger people. You will NEVER again in your lifetime, be in the shape you were in as a wrestler!
    As you enter the working world, diet and conditioning/training seem to get pushed off to the side.
    I just had this conversation with Zach Wood.
    3 days a week… cardio and a circuit workout, really is all you need.
    Trust me… voice of experience.

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    Get better so we can still see (and hear) you around!

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    Great….the first year I am going to be on the main floor, and you aren’t going to be there.

    Get better soon, my friend!

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    My brutha in Wrestling… Holtfan…
    Believe me… I’m not happy with this… I look forward to this every year as you well know… I don’t want to get up there and fall and make an ass of myself…

    I’ve already paid for my online subscription… I’ll be watching and listening…

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      Fatty, trust me I know what you mean. TypeII myself for many years, and had to learn to take care of myself.

      Watch close on the videos, maybe you will see me. I have the pleasure of working a table this year. Don’t know which one, but I get “The best seat in the house” as it were.

      You keep taking care of yourself, Jeff. We shall hook up soon enough. I think you still owe me a scotch and cigar. 😉

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