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    Is it me, or were there FAR more unsportsmanlike penalty calls in this years tourney than in recent memory?

    Is this a function of this being announced, a different focus from officials? I always remember hearing when a coach was called for it in past years, but it seems like it was dozens of wrestlers being called for it this year.

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    No, it’s not just you.
    The guys I was hanging with for the weekend and I were talking about this, too.
    A LOT of announcements for wrestlers and Coaches.
    Some surely deserved, some not deserved, IMO.
    Reffing is a HARD job and I could NEVER do it, but some of the calls against some of the Coaches were a tad cheesy, at least in D1.
    I saw a couple called where there was NO harsh language and no touching or running on the mat, simply disagreeing with a call.
    But AGAIN – I ain’t doing it, so I have no beef….

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    I would say the biggest thing is that it was a point of emphasis that yelling or arguing from the corner would be called this year. It isn’t a new rule it is just finally being applied and some coaches need to learn how to adjust. One of the easiest examples I can think of.

    Wrestler A (other team) is riding the hips on top and the coach would like him to be warned for stalling. Coach from Team B yells “Top man has to come off the hips!”. This is technically unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Same Scenario but instead the coach yells “Wrestler B! Get him off your hips so you can escape!” This is not unsportsmanlike conduct but the coach has still drawn attention to what he sees as a problem the ref should be looking at.

    The other problem is that coaches largely do not know how to address officials when they do approach them at the table. Too often it is about what the ref did wrong and not what you as a coach saw that was different then what the official called. Additionally, questioning judgement calls (like takedowns) is also something that can be called unsportsmanlike. Instead of starting the discussion with a statement like “That wasn’t a takedown.” I usually try to start with a question “What did you see there, because it looked to me like we still had the whizzer?”

    Lastly, most officials are good. They all make mistakes occasionally and it is important to build a rapport with them before you come to them with an argument. They don’t want to make wrong calls, and most don’t think the calls they made were wrong. I’ve officiated before and coached for longer… officiating is much more stressful and hard on the days of tournaments. Be nice to them and instead of telling them what they did wrong try to help them to make the right call later, this is a sport with a lot of grey area on our most important calls. Just because the call they made was different then what you thought it should have been doesn’t make it the wrong call. Many things in wrestling are subjective.

    As for kids getting unsportsmanlike I would think it boils down to two things, them thinking they know better then the officials because they watched college wrestling on BTN or they have reffed MYWAY OR them being used to questioning officials because they get away with it during the season with less experienced officials.

    Just my two cents

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    The only one I saw in person was after a win, a wrestler took his headgear off and in excitement throw it to his corner. Official went Unsportsmanlike immediately, seems in the past that was ignored. Wondering how much of it was more strict enforcement of some of the excited reaction …

    Just seemed like there were a BUNCH of call this year and wondered if it was just me or not

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      I concur on the headgear toss. It is a rule, but it’s mostly ignored when it’s simply done in the manner in which the wrestler did on this occasion. Most times the official simply swallows the whistle when it’s done in excitement.

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    I don’t think there were any more this year than other years. Most of the events (not all, but most) were a result of an athlete being eliminated. At that point, the wrestler or the coach have nothing to lose by making their feelings known.

    There was an incident on the mat I was working in the Semi-Finals where, if I were the official, I would have given the coach the boot. The coach ran across the mat to ‘talk’ to the official….yes, I use that word lightly. He did get a misconduct, but in my opinion he severely crossed the line. Sad part is, it’s not the first time I’ve seen this coach misbehave during a match.

    Also part of this is to an extend what Quinn noted about coaches not knowing how to speak to officials. I think part of it is that there are several coaches who do not know how to coach, and are blessed with a talented wrestler and they are caught up in all the wonderment of the State Finals.

    Just my view from the cheap seats………

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    I’m pretty sure there is a new rule allowing a ref to call unsportsmanlike anytime a wrestler argues a call. The coach is allowed to do this only now is my understanding.

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    Quinn, you hit it perfectly in my opinion. With regard to a wrestler arguing a call, it has always been unsportsmanlike. A coach may question the official with regard to how he viewed a call, but never a wrestler. Further, if a coach continually questions the officials calls throughout a meet or event, the coach will eventually be called for misconduct.

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    Based on the size of the infraction sheet on the tables, I’m pretty sure calls were down this year. In some years, the list was pages (yes plural) long. This year it was still a page last I saw it.

    Remember, for the purpose of this discussion, there are 5 types of calls that are announced. Don’t mix up #3 and #4.

    1. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the wrestler. This has to be post match (or prematch of course which never happens) in order to be announced. Typically a headgear spike, swearing, shoving opponent after the last whistle, etc. 2 of these throughout the tourney result in ejection. Sometimes 2 happen back to back (throws headgear after match, gets hit for 1st… then swears directly at official for calling the 1st one, gets a 2nd one)

    2. Flagrant misconduct on the wrestler. Punch, bite, extreme cases of unsportsmanlike, etc. Ejection from tourney on 1st offense.

    3. Misconduct warning on coach. Rulebook procedure if team scores is kept is warning, minus 1 team point, minus 2 team points and removal. Resets each day of a multi day tourney. It takes 3 in 1 day to get ejected. Misconducts are for properly following procedure and going to the table and questioning a call or rules application. Pretty harmless if you do it correctly. No penalty if call is changed by official.

    4. Unsportsmanlike on a coach. Typically for being a jerk in the corner or being too animated after a match. Yelling about a call from the corner is by rule unsportsmanlike. Going to the table to question is only misconduct (again, unless you’re a jerk about it as Quinn alluded to, then it could be either). 2 of these for the tourney get you ejected. After 1 you can’t hand out state champion awards.

    5. Flagrant on coach. It’s been a while since this happened.

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    Referees were inserting themselves quite a bit. I wish I would’ve made some notes so I could list them. Shame them like they were doing wrestlers and coaches. The egos were on full display.

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