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    Is it by actual area and teams near each other or is it to seperate the best teams to get them to team states ? Seems like Brighton and heartland would be in the same region if not district based on how close they are to each other in physical location. Yet heartland is goin east and taking on a team from macomb county in there “region”…..Oxford is taking on teams from port Huron in their “district” yet clarkston and Waterford only have two teams in there district

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    A buncha years ago, Oxford and Davison were in the same District.
    The next year it was miraculously changed.
    MHSAA has to draw lines on a map SOMPEPLACE, so I’m just glad that line got re-drawn !!
    I live by the phrase “It is what it is” !!
    You hafta beat them all if you’re gonna win it all and the rest is just close calls….

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    Hudson, Addison, and Sand Creek always seem to be in the same district or region and some years all three teams are good enough to make it to the finals. Some how Clinton’s gotten lucky the last couple of years and have not been in their district or region.

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