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    Individual Wrestling Ticket Notices:

    • All tickets are general admission (no reserved seating)
    • There is no qualifier ticket sales/maximum purchase
    • All-session tickets will be sold at each Ind. Regional and Team Finals – $40 cash only
    • Individual session tickets ($15 ea.) will be sold the day of the event at Ford Field (cash only)
    • “In & Out” privileges at Ford Field will be available Friday only.

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    I noticed that last week. All GA tickets….that’s going to be interesting with people trying to save entire sections. Also, cash only…that’s going to cause issues for a lot of people at the door that only use plastic. Those two bullets are going to cause quite the cluster.

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    Not sure on the first point. Hopefully it won’t be. I think people will come and go and their are a lot of seats. Maybe the semis and finals could be a problem. It will allow families and friends to get close to watch, then get up and leave those seats.

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    I hope so. I can see some schools throwing banners or flags over entire areas. Hopefully, I’m wrong though and everything goes smooth. I’m kind of excited to have it back in The D with all of the cool stuff that’s happening down there. Detroit back in 99-01 wasn’t nearly what it is today.

    For anyone not familiar with The D, be sure to hit Slow’s. After Slow’s, go down the block to hit Two James. If you’re staying in Dearborn, Miller’s is A MUST for a burger.

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    Yes completely agree I hope school/teams don’t do that.

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    Cash only doesn’t make any sense

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    MHSAA Site now says “In & Out” available “both days”.

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    I’m a fan and not a parent so I’m good with the GA and say it’s about time they tried to improve the fan experience. The drag will be having to remind adult spectators at the venue that they don’t have the right to tell me I can’t sit somewhere because it’s “saved” for someone who isn’t there. It will also allow for moving around to see key matchups in different divisions. I fear, or suspect, that this change is due partly to the fact that the venue is so ridiculously large for this event that you won’t really be able to see much regardless of your seat without binoculars.

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