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    Looking at recent runs, it looks like the Amine’s have 9 and could potentially have 10 this year. That’s between 5 of them. I know the Simmons brothers have 8 between the two. Any families have more than 10?

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    The Simmons family has 9 between the three of them (Don’t forget about Brad)

    The problem with counting the Amine family is that they are cousins Malik and Myles are brothers and Jordan and Cameron are brothers. If you are counting cousins together this would get more complicated. I also think there were only the 4 boys.

    Other families that probably have a decent number between them (but I don’t know all the exact numbers and don’t want to waste my entire day, this is in no particular order.)

    Zeerip Family in Hesperia
    Marry Family in Hudson
    Tobias Family in Manchester
    Churella Family in Novi
    Metcalf Family in Davison
    Freeman Family in Walled Lake Central
    Massa Family in St Johns
    Kish family in Lapeer West
    Cluff family in Stevensville-Lakeshore
    Storr family in Leslie
    Trombley family in Lake Fenton

    I think the Zeerip family went over 10 but I don’t know if they were all brothers or if some cousins are mixed in too.

    I apoligize if I missed an obvious family.

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    I was thinking brothers that won titles and also had kids that won titles. If we’re just talking about brothers, it looks like the Simmons’ and Zeerip’s are tied with 9. This is what I came up with:

    Simmons (11) – Scott(2), Nick(4), Andy(4), Brad(1)
    Zeerip (9) – Justin(4), Brandon(2), Collin(3)
    Massa (7) – Taylor(4), Logan(3)
    Kish (6) – James(2), Roger(4)
    Cluff (6) – Matt(3), Jason(3)
    Churella (6) – Mark Sr.(1), Ryan(2), Josh(3)
    Metcalf (6) – Chase(2), Brent(4)
    Storr (5) – Zehlin(2), Kanen(3)
    Tobias (5) – Jeremiah(4), James(1)
    Freeman (5) – Ben(4), Nick(1 *still has one year left)
    S. Amine (5) – Mike(1), Malik(2), Myles(2)
    M. Amine (4) – Sam(2), Cameron (2 *still has two years left)
    Marry (4) – Derrik(1), Devan(3)

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    I do not know the relationships between all of the folks but it seems like New Lothrup has many families with lots of titles. Wendling, Krupp, Confer, Birchmeir, Wenzlick, Emmendorfer, etc.

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