Forum Features and Tips

We’re so glad to see people enjoying our new forum! We wanted to take an opportunity to share just a couple of its cool features you may not be aware of:


TWOindentIf you want to reply to a specific comment within a thread, hit the “REPLY” button within the gray bar of that particular comment. By replying directly to a comment,   your reply will appear nested, or indented (see pic to the left), instead of flat. This sometimes helps users follow a “conversation” better. You can also continue to scroll all the way to the bottom of the thread if you simply wish to contribute to the topic but aren’t necessarily responding to any particular comment within that topic.




Users have the ability to automatically embed any Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, Imgur images, Vine videos, and Instagram photos directly into topics and replies. All you have to do is place the full url of the object you are trying to embed and that content will appear directly within your post. For example, users can view a video like this one I found on YouTube right from the post:

There are just two of the pretty cool features we’ve included with our forum. As you look around, we are sure you will find other useful things such as the ability to “favorite” or “subscribe” to topics. Again, we are glad everyone seems to be enjoying the forum. It is our hope and goal to continue to grow the site to make it an enjoyable and interactive place for wrestling fans to join in conversation.

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